When my friend Pascal F5PTM was in Chad in 2002 as TT8ZZ, he asked me to design a webpage. As many other dxpeditions, providing a log search seem to be a good idea. So I decided to write a very light script in php (for my own amusement) to achieve this goal. The orginal script still running on TT8ZZ home page. Few months later TM0HQ team ask me to modify the script for their homepage. Next was  TO4E/TO4WW.
That's why I decided to offer this script to the community of the webmasters who are hosting dxpeditions or contests ham pages.

Searchlog is a simple php script to find multiple contact in a log in cabrillo format. This scritp is used by TM0HQ, TT8ZZ, TO4E, TO4WW,5V7C...
This script is completely free! you just have to send  the URL of your web page where you are using the script for my pleasure ;-). 

Please email me the Url to f5len at ref-union dot org

New! (dec 2005) Searchlog support now ADIF format! Use is the same, but you have to put a log file in ADIF format on your server.

Two versions of searchlog are available for cabrillo

This first script parse a unique log file.


Try version 1 (search for f5len)


Download searchlog v1 (zip file 3ko)
Last release 9 april 2004 

The second version

This script can parse multiple log file. As far as I know there is no limitations of the number of files. 


Try this version 2 (search for f5len)


Download searchlog v2 (zip file 4ko) 
Last release 9 april 2004 

How to use it

Paste the script in a directory with the log file.
Edit the line belowin the script
to change the name of the log file. 
You can specifie a full path to the log file if it's not in the same directory of the script.


Advanced use

You can easily modfiy parameters of the script like color of tables, fonts, border, to change the view of the results.

$font="Arial"; #Font name
$size=2; #Font size
$fontcolor="#ffffff"; #Fontcolor

$titlesize=4; #Title font size

$alignment="center"; #center, left or right
$bgcolor="#6699FF"; #Background color 
$bordercolor="#9999ff"; #Border color
$labelcolor="#000000"; #Labelcolor

Search log for ADIF

Download searchlog for ADIF (zip file 4ko) 

Refer to the readme file in the archive for usage.
Last release 18 december 2005